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In respect to Feng Shui, we are currently living in a 20 year period called KEN. It's a period of "young" genius, integrity and spirituality at work.

It's my hope, along with millions of other human beings on the planet, that we as a PEOPLE seek PEACE over war, and LOVE over anger and hatred. As a global community, our HEALTH and WELFARE is dependent on it.

Below are three "wonderful" videos that exemplify the genius and humanitarian acts required in science and the arts for this new paradigm to reach critical mass.

Please share the below information with your city, state, province, territory and/or country officials.  It's currently being utilized in Japan for housing, and areas around the world where excessive flooding, fires and/or wars exist. It can even be used under the sea.  The creative geniuses in the UK who invented this amazing product are selling it with "integrity," to help citizens of the world. 

Click here: Tents that turn into concrete in less than 24 hours

Before you bash or boycott Israel, please watch this video. Per capita they have more young geniuses involved in the sciences and arts than any other country in the world. This video is not a political statement; it's a sophisticated satire on Israel's enormous contribution to mankind.

Jewish Inventions! Must see! - Stormfront

The Chinese introduced the art and science of Feng Shui to the world, now they are showing us what "exquisite" GRACE, HARMONY and BEAUTY looks like, in this KEN period of history.  It's a spectacular video you will not want to miss.

The 4th Confucius Institute Conference

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