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Question: In your CD you say that no two people interpret Feng Shui the same. How can there be any validity in it then?

Answer: This is a good question. It's similar to NO "two" professionals teaching math, science, art, or social studies the same way, or any two REALTORS showing or selling property the same way – let alone finding two economists that agree. The bottom line is, if you have faith and confidence in your teacher-professional you will learn, and if he or she is respected and has a "proven" track record, you will BENEFIT.

Question: My husband is a Metal Pig (ha ha) His birthday when I looked it up on your site, says that he is Earth. In every book that i have consulted and internet information has confirmed that his element is Metal. I was wondering if maybe you have made a mistake? His birthday is March 31 1971.

Answer: Your husband is the element Mother Earth. Unfortunately, you are confusing Chinese astrology with Feng Shui. One's personal element in Feng Shui is based on the "solar" calendar that includes different math formulas for males and females. The "Metal-Pig" is based on a different predictive art called Chinese Astrology which uses the lunar calendar. Unfortunately, many errors appear in Feng Shui charts, books and teachings due to this misunderstanding.

Question: I have 2 double story houses on either side of my 1 story house. People tell me that it is a good thing, because they act as 2 big ears, whilst others tell me that it is a bad thing, because they absorb all the good energy and fortune from you. Which is true?

Answer: I have never heard the term "big ears" used before, but I happen to disagree with most books written on the subject. In my opinion, a two story house on each side of your home (acts like a hill or small mountain) – providing you with the Green Dragon and White Tiger. A house behind and in front. provides the Tortoise and Phoenix. The Chinese refer to these as "Celestial Animals" of support and protection. It is also commonly known as the PERFECT Feng Shui formation, or ARM CHAIR position.

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