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Feng Shui Power Directions

Question: I am confused about sources that offer conflicting information about one's favorable Feng Shui Power Directions. Some say one should always face this direction and others say to have the favorable direction behind you (for support). What is your opinion, and why is there a discrepancy?

Answer: This is a very good question! There is a big division among masters on this subject. Unlike my peers, I actually integrate two different philosophies. With the classical school, called EIGHT MANSIONS, I honor the best "vision" (facing) direction, as the eyes are receptors that change the neurotransmitters in the brain. In other words, they take in light... ENERGY... thus the direction one "faces" empowers and supports them, when the eyes are open. However, when it comes to supporting one's health, sleep or rest (burial) direction, I honor Form School Feng Shui (the direction the top of the head-hair faces) for life support.

When it comes to the classical school of LO-SHU FLYING STARS, I honor the "sitting" direction over the facing direction (which many teachers and masters use) in determining whether or not a house or building will support the occupants. I use this approach as it honors the classical arm chair position of FORM SCHOOL Feng Shui. The Chinese refer to this as Celestial Animals that support and protect property. They are the green dragon, white tiger, tortoise and phoenix.

No doubt Feng Shui can get confusing, as no two authors, consultants, teachers or masters view Feng Shui the same way. In truth, as a practicing consultant, it takes years of trial and error to determine which approach works best. Even then, in my opinion, the client ultimately dictates which school resonates best with them. For some folks, it's Classical (Eastern) Feng Shui and for others it's Western Feng Shui. Thus the greatest service one can offer students and clients is to honor, at all times, the unique body and mind energy of the individual one serves.

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