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Feng Shui for the Home

Question: I am a Western group person. My bed faces east. To face one of my best directions I would put the head of my bed under a window. What do you suggest?

Answer: Regardless what you have read, if health and well-being are valued priorities in your life, I would do it! Simply add a strong "backing" to support you... i.e. "wood" blinds or shutters on the window. Another option is to add an Asian screen or padded headboard for protection. (visit www.ChiQuiz.biz to discover your best health and career directions).

Question: My husband and I work out of our home. We homeschool 2 of our 4 children, I am a Realtor and my husband owns a Home Re-Hab business. I am a pack rat. We do not have many closets and we have 3 inside dogs, 1 bird, and 2 outside dogs. Our home is a disaster clutter-wise, but we have very nice things (furniture, appliances, etc). My husband and I are sick and the kids are unhappy. HELP!

Answer: I suggest that you de-clutter every room in your house, so that EVERYTHING in your life can improve. Worst case scenario, a monthly rental storage unit is a small price to pay for you and your family's health, wealth and peace of mind.

Question: My master bath is in the center of my home. I became sick after moving in. How can I correct this problem?

Answer: A Feng Shui problem like this is difficult to remedy. Without knowing what the "unseen" energy is in the heart of your home (which requires a consultation), I would recommend using the realm of INTENTION to hurdle the situation. On a piece of paper you can write: "I am unaffected by the bathroom in the heart of my home. My house supports my life and health in every wonderful and blessed way," and place it in the HEALTH gua area of your home. Please keep in mind, for intention to work, you must eliminate fear, doubt and worry. Thus affirmation, meditation and/or daily prayer is also recommended.

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