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Question: Is it really bad Feng Shui to have bathrooms in the health areas of your home?

Answer: No, just keep them clean, fresh and beautiful. You will also want to keep drains and toilet lids closed too.

Question: Is it OK to place my headboard next to a window?

Answer: I would not hesitate to do it IF it provides you with one of your best health directions while you sleep. However, I would also advise adding wood shutters or blinds on the window for protection and support.

Question: Do we take each room separately and apply the Ba-gua, or do we apply these principles to the house as a whole?

Answer: BOTH. You will want to Feng Shui the house first and the rooms second!

Question: We are trying to sell our home. What can I do so that it sells quickly and for the right price?

Answer: I would highly recommend ordering FENG SHUI EMPOWERMENT. It's what Feng Shui savvy REALTORS® use to market and sell property, faster than their competition.

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