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Feng Shui in a Bedroom-Office

Question: My home office is upstairs in a portion of my bedroom, as I have no extra room. How can I Feng Shui this room to bring me better chi and results with money?

Answer: An office is saturated with Electromagnetic pollution. You can put a band-aid on the situation by adding a wood or Asian screen between your work area and bed, however, Sha Chi will end up moving above, below, around and through it. Our health is the most precious commodity we possess and the one most people give the least consideration to, until a crisis happens. The last place one should work from is their bedroom, where balanced energy and "undisturbed" rest is needed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Besides the above health reasons for not working from your bedroom, it is also the antithesis of good Feng Shui to do so. It shows the world that you come from scarcity-poverty consciousness and thus the Universe cannot mirror back all that you are worth. I suggest you find another area/room in your house to place your office, or consider moving... yourself. Until then, at least protect your health with an EMF Feng Shui Protection pendant.

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