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Feng Shui Bagua vs. Directions

Question: I've been studying on my own, and want to know if you believe more strongly in the bagua or directions when Feng Shui'ng a home or property FOR SALE. For example, the bagua says career should line up with your front door but what if the front door is in the south? You are not supposed to put water in the southern area for career. Is this when you would use direction within that particular room to add the water feature in the "career" area and not the house as a whole?

Answer: I differ with most books and consultants in this regard, as I use Western Ba-gua Feng Shui "without" directions associated with it. When selling a house, REALTORS are taught to use the Ba-gua based on the front door as that is where buyers enter property. In regards to your personal home, you will want to Feng Shui from your main access entry, which could be the garage door, kitchen door, side door or front door. In addition, if you work from a home based office - I would double insure and also lift the Chi at the front door, no matter where your main entrance door is located. I believe you will find this approach less confusing and the results more dynamic.

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