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Feng Shui and Food

TRUTH: We are what we eat.

A healthy diet consists of 70% Yin and 30% Yang food. Or, in simple terms 70% alkaline and 30% acid. Yin/alkaline foods are predominantly fruits and vegetables, while Yang/acid foods include things like coffee, meat, cheese and dairy. Most people have Yang dietary habits. This imbalance can cause eventual dis-ease in the body. And, because we are what we eat, our diet can also cause dis-ease in our relationships, work, and in our lives as well. Yin energy is soft, gentle, receptive and penetratingly powerful. Thus too becomes the way of our lives when we eat more Yin, than Yang foods.

TIP: Acid Rock and Reggae are Yang energy, whereas Frank Sinatra and/or Classical music is Yin. Music is food for the soul; it either supports us or causes us eventual dis-ease as well.

INTENTION: I take responsibility for the health of my body temple. I am receptive to positive change that improves my health and well being. I accept that I AM what I eat, and what I listen to.

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