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The Flow of Chi

TRUTH: Like the Tao, Chi likes to FLOW effortlessly to the entrance door.

The pathway to your home and office represents the "River of Wealth." You will want to avoid Sha Chi activity in this area – i.e. straight, narrow and/or dark pathways. Chi.. ENERGY... likes to meander gently to the mouth of Chi (entrance door).

The path should be free and clear of debris, dead and dying plants, old door mats, cigarette containers, trash cans and children's toys. The pathway to your door should also weave like a river, so that it can bring wealth, health and good fortune to all occupants.

TIP: To remedy a straight pathway, stagger pots of plants (red flowers) to the door, or remove approximately 12-18 inches of grass and create the illusion of a river filled with FIRE colored plants, flowers, bark or stones, to ignite your career and wealth.

INTENTION: The river of wealth flows gently to my door. I am on Fire in a positive, productive and abundant way. Everything I seek, seeks me now!

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