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EQUALITY in Feng Shui

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When partners in business or marriage value equality, they see each other as equals and they treat each other with respect.

Equal partners agree on goals together, and work as a team to achieve them. They show equal commitment to the relationship and provide mutual support.


Feng Shui Tips to help you achieve EQUALITY in your Partnership or Marriage:


  • Let go of judgment and criticism

  • Remain flexible and open to change

  • Take time to be empathetic and understanding

  • Acknowledge each other’s unique gifts, talents and differences

  • Create "safe" space in the PARTNERSHIP area of your home, office or garden to share thoughts and feelings

  • Take 100% responsibility for your actions and behavior

  • Avoid making important decisions independently

  • Express appreciation and gratitude

  • Practice forgiveness


"Love is composed of a single SOUL inhabiting two bodies"


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