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Feng Shui and the Environment

TRUTH: In Feng Shui, you are your environment. Your home and office are a reflection of your inner and outer world. Given this, what is your environment trying to tell you? Are you coming from poverty or wealth? Does energy flow effortlessly or is it stuck? Does your home and office reflect spatial harmony and balance, or chaos?

The more "things" (magazines, files, papers, knick knacks, photos, furniture, silk arrangements/plants, toys, clothes, boxes etc) that are exposed in your environment, the more "stuck and/or off balance" you will feel either emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and/or socially. LESS MEANS MORE in Feng Shui... MORE freedom, MORE happiness, MORE blessings, MORE abundance and MORE good fortune!

TIP: Gift away your belongings to friends and loved ones while you are alive. This way you can experience the joy in giving and witness the joy of receiving. Also, make sure to throw away and/or burn away that which does not empower you or others!

AFFIRMATION: I am embraced by the dynamic and effortless flow of energy in my environment. I am living a life of peace, harmony, grace and beauty.

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