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QUESTION:  How many fish do we have to have in a fish bowl and what kind and where, I own a preschool in Mexico. Thank you!

ANSWER: The Chinese believe in - 8 or 9 fish per tank, with at least one black fish to bring into balance YANG energy. EIGHT represents PRESENT WEALTH, and NINE represents present and future wealth combined. In Western Feng Shui, the best placement is in the Wealth or Career gua.

QUESTION: My daughter has a terrible boss. Now they have changed her desk and she wants to know which direction should she sit. I think she is the east group, but I was told not to face the east this year.

ANSWER: You can discover her personal Feng Shui element at www.chiquiz.com The East location is a difficult area inside properties and on the planet in general this year; however, this does not mean that "facing" East should be avoided. The confusion lies in two different schools of Feng Shui... Lo-Shu flying stars vs. Eight Mansions.

QUESTION: What is mountain earth, and mother earth mean?

ANSWER: They represent two different Trigrams, KEN (Mountain or youngest son) and K'UN (Mother or oldest woman) in Chinese. Your personal trigram covers valuable information that encompasses things from health challenges, colors, power colors and directions, numbers ... to body types and best houses to live in. Again, you can click on the CHI QUIZ link above to order one or more Feng Shui element downloads and start learning more about Feng Shui, today.

QUESTION: I found out I am Hard Wood. I need money to holiday, would it help to buy a lotto with my number 3 and buy it in a shop who point east? Kindly, Lola from Denmark

ANSWER: It can't hurt but it probably won't help either Lola! Feng Shui is about uniting time, people, space and the environment as one integral entity. When we achieve this state of GRACE - "balance" in our inner and outer lives - we attract opportunity, blessings, and good fortune to us, effortlessly. The rest is just fun and games!


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