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Feng Shui and Elemental Energy

TRUTH: Everything in the Universe is ENERGY.

At the quantum level Feng Shui is about ENERGY. It is the study of how energy flows in, through and around our lives. “Feng” (wind), can either embrace life like a gentle breeze or destroy life like a Tornado or Hurricane. “Shui” (water), can be gentle like a stream, still like a lake or the destroyer of life like a Typhoon or Tsunami. The visible (water) and the invisible (wind) forces in nature cannot be destroyed, they can however be transformed.

TIP: Do not underestimate the visible and invisible forces of nature. For without water, you would die within days, and without wind (breath), you would die within minutes!

INTENTION: I am ONE with the visible and invisible forces of nature. I live life in balance, respectful of Mother Nature’s wind and water.

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
It is the Study of ENERGY (Quantum Physics), and how energy affects lives,
homes, offices, listings and careers.

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