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QUESTION: My daughter moved into a new house and needs good health. What can we do to improve health issues?

ANSWER:  I do not know your daughter's home or health issue enough to comment; however, I do know that anyone who is ill, sick, has cancer or any other disease... "must protect" themselves from saturated fields of RADIATION within the home and work environment, especially from the new SMART METER which wreaks havoc on young childrens reproductive and immune systems, your pets health as well as your own. 

Click here to listen to my interview with Jerry Day - learn about the Smart Meter, how to replace it with an Analog meter and/or how to stop your electric company from installing one, if it's not already on your home!  If you already have a "Smart Meter" on your home or office, you can order an ANALOG replacement kit along with legal forms to submit to your electric company at www.Freedomtaker.com.

In addition to the new "Smart Meter", which in my opinion should be outlawed, electrical pollution is commonly present in kitchens, offices and living areas where there are a lot of electric outlets, appliances, and equipment such as microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, remote controls, wireless phones, hard drives, monitor screens, fax machines, printers, electric blankets, water beds, hair dryers and lamps and clocks near your body while sleeping.

SATURATED fields of low frequency radiation can drain your energy, change your metabolism, affect growth, along with your emotions, thought and bodily movement. It can also cause grave danger to your brain, nervous system, endocrine system and to every organ, muscle and bone in your body... over time.

Please educate yourself on the HEALTH risks of EMF and EMR today.  Click here to research EM websites, books, articles, and to learn more about the harmful effects of radiation today.  Also - make sure to read a few testimonials and learn about the new technology to help protect your health and life. 

The Nimbus covers a 30 foot OMNI-RADIUS (in every direction) and plugs into any USB port on your computer or wall adapter. The pendants provide a one foot protective shield (wherever you go), and the new Harmonizing clock's omni-radius covers 100 feet to 6,000 square feet; it is a perfect placement in your master bedroom or office.  Also, if you have a pet - make sure to check out the Shuzi pet pendant as well.

Quite honestly - I wouldn't live without any of these protective devices in my home or work environment. Your computer, alone, radiates EMFs from all sides, thus you must not only concern yourself with sitting in front of a monitor screen.. but near a hard drive as well, even in a nearby room! (Click here to learn about these protective devices)

QUESTION: My husband was born October 29, 1972, and I was born April 3, 1981. We've just constructed our new house and the main door is located West. Is it favorable for both of us?

ANSWER: The house is more favorable for your husband than for you, as the house "sits" EAST.  However, as a West Group person you do benefit from the main entrance door.

QUESTION: I moved to a downstairs apartment with an entry way that has 12 steps going down and the bathroom is the first room you see then the living room and kitchen are one. I feel trapped, and things are not really working out. Is this a bad thing????

ANSWER: YES to all the above!

QUESTION: I have put many cures in place for the flying stars in 2012. I read that #5 yellow, #3 quarrelsome and the three killings all should not be disturbed. Does this mean I cannot use a vacuum cleaner in those rooms? I can't find any advice on this anywhere.

ANSWER: DIGGING up the Earth and DESTRUCTION as in knocking out walls, are the two "main" things you want to avoid in 2012. However, there are even protective cures for these as well. Banging and making noise with a vacuum cleaner is never a problem with the #5 Yellow Star, and should not aggravate the #3 Star if done from time to time. You might want to listen to my FLYING STARS FORECAST 2012 for more information.

QUESTION: I didn't hear you mention the Northeast ba-gua during your 2012 Forecast. What is the forecast and remedy for this area?

ANSWER: My sincere apology. We had difficulty getting one of our guests' on the air. To edit out the bad connection, we unfortunately edited out the Northeast gua too.  The good news IS.. the NE gua area in 2012 contains the #9 Purple Star of CELEBRATION, and is located in one of the most BENEFICIAL gua areas of your home and office thru February 3, 2013..!

This LUCKY STAR is beneficial for romance and couples wishing to conceive a BABY. It's also good for students, good for business, real estate investors and land developers. It's even good for politicians as well.

No Remedy is necessary, however you can add the FIRE element to make it even better!!

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