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Common Feng Shui Questions

Question: What is the best shape carpet to have at the entryway of a home or listing?

Answer: If the entry room allows, I always suggest octagon, oval or round to slow down and spin the Chi as it enters your home. This allows energy to circulate everywhere, as energy follows whatever pathway it is shown, including climbing walls and ceilings too.

Question: In terms of work and romantic partners, are people most compatible with the same element as they are, or the opposite element?

Answer: No doubt opposites do attract. However generally speaking, it is easier communicating & being with a compatible element than one in an opposite Group. In classical Feng Shui, their are 8 elements - 4 in East Group, and 4 in West Group. If you don't know someone's element, click onto www.ChiQuiz.biz to find out more about them and YOU. Our Element Audios go into great detail on this sophisticated school of Feng Shui called Eight Mansions, which honors specific power directions for improved health, wealth, fame, success and communication.

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