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BEST Health and Sleep Directions

Question: My daughter 8 years has Asperger's. She has epilepsy too and is very unhealthy. I want to use the Feng Shui for her bedroom. I am using the Bagua directions, Can I use a regular compass?

Answer: Yes you can use a regular compass to determine directions. You will also want to make sure that your daughter's headboard (the top of her head) is facing one of her 4 favorable directions, preferably her baby sleep-health-direction. In addition, her room should be minimalistic in furnishings with soft colors and decor items. DO NOT use primary colors in her room... as her brain and body cells need to relax and rejuvenate.

The Five Elements can be brought into an environment using pastel shades of the element... for example: FIRE can be pink, lavender, dusty rose, peach and/or mauve. It's also important to balance the five elements in her room as well. I also recommend an EM pendant for her to wear during the day, and a Clear Wave clock in her bedroom to shield her from radiation. If you balance her living environment, I believe you will see visible evidence of improvement in your daughter's health. (Visit www.ChiQuiz.biz to find out your Feng Shui Element and best directions).

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