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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Question: If a room (bedroom) is completely outside the bagua how do I bring it into the bagua with mirrors (placed inside or outside the room) and does this change the placement of the bagua?

Answer: If a room is outside the Ba-gua then it is considered an "extension" of that gua area. Mirrors are not necessary. An extension is a GOOD thing in Feng Shui as it expands the gua area it protrudes from, thus it does not require a remedy. Enjoy the blessings it brings you!

Question: What is the best color to paint my bedroom?

Answer: Believe it or not, there is no easy or single correct answer to this question. In Feng Shui the goal is to balance 5 elements in every room. To paint all walls of a room "one" color throws the other four elements out of balance. An accent wall can be fine as long as the room in the house does not call for the opposite element/color!

Thus I believe it's best to play safe and leave sleep areas soft and neutral, ranging from any shade of white or off white, to a tone of beige. If color is important to you, you can also use a pastel shade on the wall, or add your favorite color through decor items such as window coverings, bedspread, pillows, throws, candles, and/or artwork. The ultimate goal in a bedroom, is to create a balanced environment (elementally) that allows your body energy to benefit from a peaceful nights rest.

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