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Bamboo and its Feng Shui Usage

Question: Is bamboo in and around the house a good or bad energy? We are both Metal, soft and hard metal respectively.

Answer: Bamboo represents prosperity, longevity and good fortune, and makes a wonderful nature wall. Enjoy the grace and beauty Bamboo brings to your lives. The Wood element in your garden, ranging from plants, trees and flowers, cannot affect you in any negative way, in fact you can never over-improve the land!

The opposite is true, however, of the interior environment. Too much of the WOOD element is VERY difficult on one's health; it's especially hard on Earth, Water and Metal element people. Most homes and offices are over dominant on the Wood element. Thus it's important to think twice before adding wood floors, as the Wood element already exists in furniture, cabinets and plants!

If an over-dominant element exists in your environment, such as too much Earth (ie: stone, granite, tile, counters and floors), it's important to remedy the situation right away.

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