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QUESTION: I know my element, number, etc., but I still don't get how it all fits into how I decorate my home if I am using all the elements to balance each room.

ANSWER: Feng Shui can get confusing. As for your living environment, each room should have all five elements present and in balance, irrespective of your personal Feng Shui element. Your Feng Shui number tells you which "Trigram" you are in Feng Shui i.e...your personality, character, good and bad directions, colors, season, health, homes etc.

QUESTION: I would like to put a water feature on the exterior front entrance to my home. Is one side better than the other?

ANSWER: The answer is both Yes and No. In "Classical" Feng Shui, it depends on your DOB, year of construction and the exact compass degree reading of your property. In "Western" Feng Shui you can place it to the right or left of your entrance, depending on what you hope to achieve.

QUESTION: The main door of my restaurant is facing a road and tree, how can I cure this problem?

ANSWER: You cannot change the location, but you can remove the tree if it blocks the "mouth of Chi" - the entrance door. A business (especially a restaurant) located in a good environment, that front faces a road, can be an excellent Feng Shui location "if" the flow of traffic plus ingress and egress allows Chi to pool and exit effortlessly.

QUESTION: I have a decoration which is for Protection. It has a turtle, and coins, hanging off it. Where should I hang it in my home?

ANSWER: What you are describing is a Chinese (cultural) "icon" that has nothing to do with Feng Shui. However, if you "believe" it will protect you - it will, wherever you place it.

QUESTION: I keep getting tips about putting different things in different areas of my home but I don't know how to figure out where the areas are located. Like where is the wealth region of my home?

ANSWER: Their are 8 "important" guas (areas), not just one. Also, there are many approaches - ways to use a Ba-gua. Some authors, teachers and masters use a "fixed" directional Ba-gua, while others, like myself, use a "floating or moving" Ba-gua that rotates based on the entrance door to a room or structure.

In the latter approach, the WEALTH gua is the furthest left hand corner from an entrance door. In fixed Ba-gua Feng Shui it is the SE section of a room or structure.

QUESTION: Is it ok to place an aquarium in the dining room?

ANSWER: 98% of the time the answer is NO.

QUESTION: Why do some feng shui tips tell me to put metal object in the southeast or wealth area, while others say not to do this?

ANSWER: It can depend on the book, teacher, year and/or school of Feng Shui, thus the confusion.

QUESTION: I need to help my health area as I am always having health problems. we have a mirror at the back of the stove as I was told you should be able to see when cooking who is behind you. the kitchen is in the NW corner of the house.

ANSWER: You are referring to Black Hat Feng Shui. The belief is that mirrors behind a stove will "multiply" money and abundance. I do not integrate this school of Feng Shui in my consultations or courses, thus I'm not the best source to help you with your "health" question; however, there are good books out there on the subject.

QUESTION: How can I use my element WATER to increase my energy and power?

ANSWER:> By honoring your "best" health, wealth and career directions, selecting an office and home location that supports you "energetically," and by wearing element colors that empower you.

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