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How to Feng Shui Your Home, Work and Life

Feng Shui describes the communication that take place every day between you and your environment, be it your home, garden or work. This discipline investigates the universal feelings and reactions of human beings to all environments, including our world. The teachings explore how connections (TAO), balance (Yin/Yang) and vitality (CHI) impact our lives. An environment affects all aspects of our being in the world..from health, safety, family, friendship, spirituality... to even how we love. Now, more than ever before, it is important to space clear the clutter out of our lives and minds... to allow POSITIVE LIFE FORCE to support, nurture and empower us, via a balanced and harmonic environment.

The location of clutter in an environment, reveals the content of a person's inner struggle. The absence of disorder empowers us. As we are connected by energy to everything in our environment, you might want to review the following and check to see where you may be struggling in your life:


  • Entrance door... fear of relationships
  • Inside closets... unwilling to examine emotions
  • In Kitchen... resenting/overwhelmed by caretaking
  • Next to Bed... desire for change or escape
  • On Desk... frustration, fear of letting go or need to contro
  • In a corner or behind a door... detachment from others
  • Under a piece of furniture... importance of appearances
  • In a cellar... procrastination In an attic...living in the past
  • In a garage... inability to actualize
  • All over... lack of self love or anger and self-loathing

(from p.44 of Look Before You Love by Nancilee Wydra, www.windwater.com)

Feng Shui is a process that requires constant monitoring from space clearing negative thoughts in our minds, to clearing clutter in our environment. The choice to live a conscious and balanced life, free of clutter, is a freedom that no one can deny us, but.... ourselves!

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Feng Shui is NOT about philosophy, astrology, religion or superstition.
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