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by Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master®

The best time of the day to do EPSOM SALT - SPACE CLEARING & CLEANSING is at dusk or early dawn, with the lights off and windows closed.

Here is what you need to have or purchase to SPACE CLEAR - CLEANSE the “unseen” energy that permeates an environment:

WHITE MUGS (you can purchase several of them at a 99 cent store)

Place a white mug on a cookie sheet.  Add 3 “heaping” table spoons of Epsom Salt to the mug.  Add enough rubbing alcohol so that it floats slightly over the surface of the salt. Strike a match and drop it into the mug, and place it on the cookie sheet in the center of the room.

This combination of ingredients creates a NON-TOXIC GAS that cuts through the ethers.  It’s without a doubt a POWERFUL space cleanser.

Your job is to sit quietly and observe the flame. READ WHAT THE FLAME IS TRYING TO TELL YOU!

Is the ENERGY:


  • If the flame snaps, crackles and pops - it’s angry or hostile energy.
  • If the flame separates - it’s represents mixed messages or a split personality.
  • If it goes up and down - it could be bi-polar energy.
  • If it’s predominately blue - it’s lethargic or depressed energy.
  • If it hovers low or the flame goes out fast - it’s fearful, sad or grieving energy.

Trust your gut when “reading” the meaning of different flames and messages you receive. No two rooms will have the same energy.  Also, make sure to cleanse ONE room at a time, only.

It may sound silly but I also recommend talking to the flame. Release its energy to the light, with love, if it’s SHA CHI.  If it’s wonderful energy, I would say a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving for an environment that supports you.

REMEMBER WITH FENG SHUI:   Your environment is 100% ENERGY; it’s either life giving or life depleting energy.

You will know when a room does not need to be cleansed again.  You will witness a beautiful “golden” flame dancing gracefully up and down around 3-6 inches above the mug. This flame will last 5 to 25 minutes. ENJOY IT, and be proud of yourself for creating peace, harmony and balance your space!

The requests from subscribers worldwide, regarding how to Space Clear and Cleanse an environment has been overwhelming. Because we all need to CLEANSE our space from time to time, I decided to share this POWERFUL process in this week’s FENG SHUI TRUTH and TIPS - so that everyone can benefit.

Please make sure to forward this email to friends, family and/or co-workers who have just moved, lost a loved one or pet, is suffering from a catastrophic disease or illness, is going through a separation/divorce, litigation, wishes to remove stress, struggle, conflict from their lives (including but not limited to out of balance people, spirits and situations), and/or who simply wants to enjoy more peace, harmony and serenity in their work and living environment.

NOTE:  Sage clearings last approximately 24-48 hours. The EPSOM cleanse will last for about a week if the energy is SHA.  If it’s light, peaceful and glowing ENERGY, you never have to cleanse the room again!

Dear Suzee,

I loved your email on HEALING Spaces and environmental space cleansing for two words: ELEGANT SIMPLICITY.  This is my goal when working in people's homes when cleaning and de-cluttering.

Then three more words come to mind:


I've been doing logistics and staging for homes, offices, and construction job sites seemingly forever with an eye for safety, efficiency, de-cluttering, organization and cleaning.

I’d be delighted to learn how to SPACE CLEAR/CLEANSE from you.

I'm a California state certified electrician, massage therapist and Cerium brand partner.

Namaste and thanks,

Walter Berten

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