Elena & Gabriel Monico say "Thank You"

"Dear Suzee,

I've been meaning to write to you since you performed the Feng Shui audit on our home back in December. I had wanted to complete all of the remedies first and kind of set things in motion. 2011 was such a spectacular year for Gabriel and I, especially after consulting with you and implementing your proposed remedies we were really excited to put the new recommendations in motion to see what would happen.

Unfortunately, the year got off to a bit of a rocky start. We had major plumbing issues that were discovered underneath our dining area. At this same time things kind of went from bad to worse with business deals falling through and our business reputation also suffering. We had to remove many of the remedies not only in the dining area but in other rooms as well to accommodate the workers digging up the area. There was clutter everywhere, especially after we were given only one day's notice to move everything.

Thankfully, the plumbing was fixed in less than 24 hours. The hole was filled and sealed, but the place was still pretty torn up. Carpets were pulled back from the concrete, closets emptied out with the contents covering furniture and beds. In light of all the damage that was done to the carpet due to a flood caused by the plumbing problem, our manager decided to place new tile throughout the apartment. This was great except that it created another distraction and really delayed us getting everything put back into place, and another business deal fell through. 

Finally, though, everything was done. The plumbing was done and so was the tile. And although we had been uprooted for more than a week(we stayed in a hotel for two nights) we decided to re-implement your remedies and enhancements right away. I took out the faxed copy of the floor plan and went to work making the changes as quickly as possible. It took Gabriel and I about three hours to put all of the remedies in order. And, though there are still a few optional enhancements you suggested all of the major stuff is completed. 

It was really amazing Suzee, and here is a true testament to Feng Shui. 

As soon as everything was put in its appropriate place I felt a real sense of peace and comfort that I had not felt since late last year. I mentioned it to Gabriel and he told me he was feeling the exact same thing. And here's the kicker, literally within three hours of getting all of the remedies done, we received an email notifying us of a new great opportunity for our business. It came so out of the blue and was so unexpected that we just looked at each other and KNEW it was the Feng Shui.  We are looking forward to seeing how it all works out later this week but I just know that its going to be great.

It's really a testament to you and your work Suzee. Feng Shui works! Specifically your Feng Shui. You know I have worked with other Feng Shui consultants before as well as on my own following books and all, but I have never seen the kind of MIRACLES as I have with your work. I can't speak for others but only for what your consults have done for our family. You have taken us from being caught deeply in financial struggle, and also having some other difficulties with health and depression to really moving towards that place we really know we belong. Last year's changes brought us an income we had not experienced in many years. Our kids are doing great both at school and socially. Everything is going just as we had hoped.

We are getting so busy again. That deal I mentioned that was pending when I wrote a week ago, did actually go through and we are back on track with business and life! Thanks to you and your Feng Shui Suzee.  And, although this year started out rough, we are confident that this coming year will surpass the blessings of the last.


We are so happy to have found you."


Elena and Gabriel Monico
Business Entrepreneurs


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