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How much HAPPINESS and SUCCESS can you

We specialize in Feng Shui seminars, classes, courses and programs that ignite your GENIUS to...


Original, Informative, Quality Content that Stands the Test of Time

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FENG SHUI ELEMENTS - You can purchase the CLASSICAL Feng Shui elements individually, below.







FENG SHUI FORECAST 2017 – IMPORTANT Remedies & Enhancements for your Home & Office to insure Health, Happiness and SUCCESS in 2017.

FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION - Is designed for HOMEBUYERS, REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS and STUDENTS of Feng Shui. However, anyone and everyone can BENEFIT from this study.

Along with Feng Shui, Suzee Miller recommends the following educational programs to help you IMPROVE your Authenticity, Integrity, Vitality, Relationships, Finances, Joy and INNER PEACE:

Adventures of the SOUL. In this OUTSIDE THE BOX educational program, you get to decide if you LIVE once or many life times! If you decide it is many lifetimes - then you will learn priceless phenomena and tools that can help you uncover fears, blocks, ancestral problems, heal destructive emotional patterns, and how to use the POWER OF THOUGHT to set your SOUL Free.

Secrets of Meditation with Davidji Are you feeling stress, anxiety or overwhelm? Learn how to "quiet your mind" with emotional healing techniques so that you can awaken your AUTHENTIC self. Davidji is the lead instructor at the Chopra Center with over 250 guided meditations to his credit.

The Answer is YOU with Michael Beckwith If you are seeking SELF Discovery and Transformation this three part PBS course is for you. Michael is best known, worldwide, for his role in the SECRET and appearances on Oprah, Larry King Live and private conversations with the Dalai Lama.

Playing the MATRIX with Mike Dooley This six week VIDEO streaming course is nothing but MIRACULOUS. Mike will teach you in minutes how to set goals correctly so that you can manifest your visions and dreams. Why wait for what you really want in life when you can have it all ... now?

The Turning Point with Gregg Braden BIG SHIFTS ARE HAPPENING! Learn how to navigate the greatest shifts in Finances and Lifestyles that's taking place in the world, with Gregg Braden - a brilliant visionary. Capitalize on this "new" Earth energy for vibrant health, wealth and spirituality.

Feng Shui ebooks now available in Russian!!

Translated by author Elizabeth Cherny






All of Feng Shui Master Suzee Miller’s educational classes and seminars listed above, except those in Russian, are included FREE in FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION.

Please note that there is NO time period to complete this study, nor is there a requirement to ever get Certified. Many of our customers’ and clients’ take IFSC for educational purposes only, as its proven track record of SUCCESS is known worldwide.

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We are very serious about security and have invested significant time and money to certify that your credit card and other sensitive data stays secure.

A few customer comments about our Feng Shui educational products

"Thanks for the generosity of your Feng Shui audio programs Suzee. We truly appreciate your gifts and talents. Your work is totally amazing! We are now living blessed lives in countless ways in taking your Feng Shui Certification. God bless you."

Brenda and Verlyn Cohn, Country Western Song Writers, Nebraska

"Color Your Listings Sold with Feng Shui" works, and it works fast. I Feng Shui ALL my listings now. It’s great billboard advertisement for more listings and referral business. I’m SOLD on Feng Shui and I’m SOLD on Suzee Miller!"

Sam Spade, Keller Williams Real Estate

“I have always enjoyed listening to your Feng Shui seminars. They are logical, practical and very, very true. Most of all, following them allows us to develop the more positive side of our nature. Thank you and more power to you."

Edna "Edzz" C. Ko, Davao City, Philippines

"I got to listen to your Feng Shui Forecast this past weekend. It's GREAT! Listening made me realize how you can make your own dream come true in any circumstances. Thanks for all the Feng Shui remedies and advise Suzee. Your certification course has already exploded my business! You are the BEST! "

Jay Kim, CEO - Idolian Mobile, Inc., South Korea & USA

"There is no way to begin to thank you for the success and wealth my partner and I have amassed since honoring our power directions and learning your Feng Shui Certification. We are deeply grateful to you Suzee, beyond 'just' words."

Bobbi Feinstein, Realty Ex - Territory Franchise Owners for California and Mexico

"Suzee Miller may not be Chinese but I am, and since learning how to Feng Shui my office, I have increased my staff by 20 new people (now 70 employees strong). Also since honoring my power directions at work it has enabled me to work smarter (4 days/wk .. soon to be just 3 days/wk!!) while tripling my company earnings in one year. Thanks to Suzee, my company is now branded a success!"

Sherri Tong, CEO, Intergro Health Services - California

"It was a pleasure meeting you at the FAR/WCR/CRS conference in Miami. You've got me hooked on Feng Shui! I will be doing more research and learning more through all your Feng Shui educational products. Thank you again! Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious!"

Carlos M. Cruz, Chairman - Florida

"Your Feng Shui audio books and audio programs are phenomenal. I am only half way thru them, but already the opportunities that are coming along are just UNIMAGINABLE! Thank you."

Manoj Shivnani - Business Entrepreneur, Spain

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